Slime Care

Always wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

Only play with slime on a clean hard surface.  Playing with slime on a dirty surface will ruin it.

Keep slime away from clothes, carpet, and other fabric surfaces.

Store slime in it’s original container with the lid on or in another airtight container.


Slime can change consistency for a variety of reasons and it is possible that your slime may have become sticky during it’s journey to you.  Before removing slime from container poke it with one finger to check the consistency.  For sticky slime, see the slime quick fixes below. 


Mix content of included "activation powder” with 1 cup of warm water until it dissolves.  Add few drops of the solution to slime and knead thoroughly. Repeat until slime is desired consistency.  *Be careful not to add too much solution as this can ruin slime.  You will not use all of the solution at one time.
Kneading/ handling slime may be enough to soften it.  Try this first.
If slime is still hard add a few drops of one of the following and knead thoroughly.  Repeat until slime is desired consistency.
Lemon Juice (our favorite)
    You can also try adding a few drops of warm water to slime instead of lotion/ baby oil.
    *Do not add lotion to clear slime as it will no longer be clear if you do.